07 February 2018

A hotel in Bethlehem voted as one of the best hotels in the Middle East

Hosh Al-Siriàn Guesthouse, a hotel located in the Syrian neighborhood of Bethlehem, has been voted by Tripadvisor users as one of the best hotels in the Middle East.

Actuality and events

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Bethlehem is one of the main destinations for pilgrims who come to the Holy Land. After all, here is the Basilica of the Nativity that marks the place where the Savior was born!

It is in this city where Hosh Al-Siriàn Guesthouse is located.
The hotel, located in the Syrian quarter, has been elected by Tripadvisor users as one of the best three hotels in the Middle East.

Fadi Qattan
Hosh Al-Siriàn - Director
"There are many categories that are taken into consideration, such as comfort, staff, reception, service and restaurant.”

The Municipality of Bethlehem, with the help of the Italian Government and the Heritage Conservation Center, renovated this neighborhood three years ago to preserve its architectural structure. In the place where, for a time, many houses have been abandoned, the hotel is a sign of life and hope!

Fadi Qattan
Hosh Al-Siriàn - Director
"We have a moral duty towards the Palestinian community. We value the products made in Bethlehem, we hire young people to work here, we share our love for this place and for Bethlehem with everyone. This is what we want to offer tourists.”

French Tourist
"We arrived here last night. The service is really very good and we were warmly welcomed. We were surprised by the [beauty of the] place and we were admired by the ancient architectural design. We found local Palestinian products and we are really satisfied!”