19 April 2018

Inauguration of the first Palestine Photography Academy

At Jifna, near Ramallah, the photographer Arine Rinawi has established the first local academy specializing in the art of images.

Actuality and events

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The first photography academy in the Palestinian territories has been inaugurated in the village of Jifna, a stone’s throw from Ramallah. The idea was conceived by Arine Rinawi, a young and popular local photographer who has gained energy, initiative and experience behind her lens, especially if the fields of events and social media.

Director of the Arine Rinawi Photography Academy
“The scope of this initiative is to teach every aspect of photography, in theory and practice, in the studio and in the field. We propose an unconventional approach, freeing the student to create his own space and to add a personal touch.

Governor, Ramallah and al-Bireh
“Today marks the accomplishment of Arine’s dream: the goal of a Palestinian woman determined to achieve excellence. It is really extraordinary, and I hope it will open up possibilities for many more young people who would like to specialize in this field.

Many people, including professional photographers, local officials and celebrities, arrived for the opening, and among them was Yacoub Shaheen, 2017 winner of the reality television series, Arab Idol.

A novelty for the people as a whole, the academy is sponsored by the governorate of Ramallah and al-Bireh as well as by the Palestinian Ministries of Labour and Education. It is also supported by private enterprise.

Palestinian Minister of Education
“This academy will be open to all young Palestinians. It does not cater to a specific social class, but to all who wish to specialize in photography, reflecting reality in ths way through a center which is devoted to stimulating and increasing relevant knowledge.

Director of the Arine Rinawi Photography Academy
“There will be various courses leading to the award of diplomas in subjects ranging from advertising, design, events, people and companies. Some scholarships will be available, and I will participate in teaching as will some of the most renowned Palestinian photographers. I hope to be able to contribute something unique, and to offer a service to society.

Inscription is already open to anyone who has graduated from high school. If, as the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “A successful photograph requires the alignment of the head, heart and eye,” an academy such as this can only benefit all of society.