07 May 2018

A new youth evangelization centre in Haifa

In cooperation with the Greek-Catholic diocese of Haifa, the Shalom Catholic community has opened an evangelization center devoted to youth.

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According to the Central Bureau of Statistics the city of Haifa in the northern part of Israel numbers around 280.000 people. Five percent are Christian. Even though the Church is small, she offers her witness through tangible actions such as schools and hospitals, as well as though the life of the faithful.
The new evangelization center has been opened in order to strengthen support and the spiritual life of these Christians

Shalom Catholic Community of Haifa
“We of the Shalom Community have always been looking for a place where to gather people that would be available to all those wishing to experience encountering the Lord. Here we will hold training and prayer groups. There are offices, a chapel and other spaces promoting contact with God. The area where we are features a great presence of young people – we want to devote our center to them.”

Young people between 15 and 29 represent 20% of the population of the city, which is well known as an economic development hub and for the presence of modern universities and learning centers.

A young person from Haifa
“I attend a vocational group. I follow this path as I wish the Lord to purify my heart and change my life. I like being in this community and want to follow the will of Christ in my life.”

The new center is supported by the Shalom Catholic Community, which started in Brazil and has been in the Holy Land since 2000.

Shalom Catholic Community of Nazareth
“Today we take concrete action towards evangelization. It is crucial to have a space: to count on a place like this means to be able to root our presence and deepen our connection with this land, to really relate to it in a stable way. This is what this place means to us.”

The opening ceremony saw the presence of members from the various religious communities as well as priests, families, young people and the Greek-Catholic Archbishop of Haifa.

Melkite Greek-Catholic Archbishop of Haifa and Acri
“Since I arrived four years ago, I saw how the Shalom community really was a gift of the Holy Spirit for the local church. They give great momentum through the service of the Church to Christians and non-Christians also through preaching. The result is that many encounter Christ in their lives.”