21 May 2018

Faithful and religious from America, Europe and Africa celebrate Pentecost in Jerusalem

A two day international congress to reflect on the topical nature of Pentecost in which the Holy Spirit descended on the Virgin Mary and the Apostles gathered in the Upper Room.

Actuality and events

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To celebrate the solemnity of Pentecost pilgrims, speakers, musicians and priests coming from Portugal, France, Italy, Angola, Brazil, Argentina and the United States met in the Holy City for an International Congress of Pentecost held at the Notre Dame Pontifical Institute. Among the speakers Patti Mansfield from the United States and Fr Reginaldo Manzotti and Fr Marcelo Rossi from Brazil.

Catholic Carismatic Renewal – USA
“To come to the Holy Land, the place where Jesus was conceived, was born and lived, where he performed miracles, suffered, died and rose from the dead…seems to be a dream. I have already been here eight times in the last few years but every time it is new and different. I would like to say to everyone that if you do not already know Jesus in a personal way He is really intent on presenting himself, His mother His friends…therefore open your heart to a personal encounter with Jesus in the power of His Spirit”.

There were different events aimed at making what happened in the Upper Room relevant today: mass, adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, conferences, prayers and a show with the Costa Rican singer
Martin Valverde, one of the main artists in the Catholic music scene of Latin America.

Among the prayer intentions: peace in the Holy Land and a path of personal conversion. The 500 faithful present at the event who are members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement and other new communities then joined in a candlelit procession to the Basilica of Agony, in Getsemani, for a night of vigil and intercession.

“It was a fantastic experience to find myself here for the first time and to be able to bear fire of the Spirit which is love, a love which renews”.

Many significant witnesses took place welcoming the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It was a deep experience for those coming to visit the Holy Places and to encounter the grace of Pentecost which from Jerusalem has spread throughout the world.

“I feel very lucky or better blessed for being able to participate in this meeting. To be able to live Pentecost here in the Holy Land brings me back to two thousand years ago when it all happened here in the Upper Room. It is really an intense experience imbibing your body, soul and spirit completely in the love of God. It makes you feel everything that the Lord is preparing for you through his love”.

“This was for us a moment of true renewal. We arrived here in a different frame of mind and we have certainly come away with the Holy Spirit of God in each one of us. We have learnt that He is abundant and can never be extinguished. We can receive as much as we wish, it depends on how open we are at this moment in our lives”.