05 February 2018

In Jerusalem: Celebration of the Day of Consecrated Life in St. Stephen's Basilica

On February 2, the consecrated men of Jerusalem gathered in St. Stephen's Church.

Actuality and events

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In Jerusalem, on the day in which the Church celebrates the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple and the Day of Consecrated Life, a real mosaic made up of different religious expressions attended these celebrations.

On this date, the celebration of the Feast of Candlemas also takes place: the procession entered the Basilica of St. Stephen Protomartyr with the religious, who carried torches. The mass was presided over by the Prior of the Dominican Community, Father Martin Staszak.

Fr. Martin Staszak
Prior of the Dominican Community – St. Stephen Monastery
"I believe this feast celebrates the encounter between Jesus Christ, Mary, Joseph, Simeon and Anna: the one in the Temple was a great meeting that is still present here, in Jerusalem. We need these meetings today. Here, there are divisions, strong divisions, so peace meetings, meetings between those who have faith, are very important.”

At the end of the celebration, Mons. Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo paid tribute to those who offer their lives to God. Among them is Sister Emma, who this year celebrates 64 years of consecrated life!

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
"The desire of my poor soul has always been to be faithful, but I was certainly so often unfaithful, imperfect in so many things. I am surprised and full of gratitude, I give thanks to the Lord for all I have received in 64 years. Now I am getting ready for my last trip, [happy] to meet Him and enjoy Him forever!”

It is interesting to note how the feast celebrated on this date has its roots in the Old Testament and in Judaism.

Father Rafic Nahra
Vicar - Community of the Judaic Expression in Israel
"At the beginning of the Gospel episode, it seems that it is the rite of redemption of the firstborn. Jesus was the firstborn, but He was offered to God as a priest of the New Covenant, so for Him there is no mention of ritual. When His parents went to the Temple, they did not redeem Him: it was He who redeemed the world.”

The biblicist Friar, Fredreric Manns, shows us a copy of the Temple of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus and describes the places the Holy Family visited in order to submit to the Law of Moses. It was at this point that Simeon and Anna realized that the prophecy was being fulfilled.

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum
"Mary, who presents her Son to the priest and then to Simeon and Anna, represents the Church, whose mission is to present Jesus to the people of Israel, to the rest of the people of Israel, to the faithful Israel. This is the vocation of the Church.”