20 March 2018

Sacred music, an instrument of unity among Christians

Christian choirs in concert in Jerusalem: musicians and singers of different confessions took turn to perforn on the stage of the Pontifical Notre Dame Institute.

Actuality and events

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The choirs of the different Christian confessions of the Holy Land gathered at the Pontifical Notre Dame Institute of Jerusalem for a special festival: on stage, the sacred music was performed by the choirs of all the Christian confessions that are present in the territory.

Master of Ceremonies
"Music plays a very important role, especially because the lyrics are similar in all languages: the Arabic, the Greek, the Armenian and the Syriac language. The texts reflect the sense of repentance and the request for forgiveness. These are common feelings among all Christians and these texts play an important role: they unite us.”

The choir of the Custody of the Holy Land and the choir of the Catholic Syrians took turn performing on stage, as well as the choir of the Ethiopians, followed by the choir of Orthodox Copts, the choir of Orthodox Syrians and the choir of Greek Orthodox and, to conclude, the choir of the Armenians.

Event Coordinator
"This is the third edition of this event. Every year, this event is a success because here, you can find expressions of different cultures and traditions. Armenians, Copts, Ethiopians, Syrians and Franciscans [are performing together] and this is a characteristic that cannot be found anywhere else. This type of event can only happen here, right in Jerusalem.”

Unity underlies the plots of these performances: every performance has emphasized the strong bond that unites us, which goes beyond the differences of expression, language, instruments, clothes and melodies: a unique and pulsating heart, able to praise God.

"I am very proud to have participated and I had a wonderful evening. This is the right thing to do, this is the unity of the Church: the hymns, the prayer, Christ's suffering [for all of us]; our Christ is one. It is a great honor for me to be in Jerusalem at the Notre Dame Center, it is truly a wonderful feast.”

Event Coordinator
"Unity begins with men: the Church is made up of men. I believe that these events can bring people together, people from all the Churches [gather here]: Orthodox, Armenians, Catholics. All together. This is how unity begins. Our goal is to reach solidarity and maybe we can do it: I hope soon!”