11 July 2018

Temperatures rise in Jaffa and so does the movement of visitors

Summer and vacation time. A period of great movement in the holy places and also on the coast, like in Jaffa.

Actuality and events

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Temperatures already exceed 30 degrees. The presence of tourists and locals who choose to spend their summer holidays in the Holy Land is also remarkable. One of the destinations is Jaffa, an ancient city that has been part of Tel Aviv since 1950. An area with a considerable number of beaches and visitors, which preserves stories and renowned natural treasures. There is a sea port that is considered the oldest in the world. Here the cedar timber of Lebanon used in the construction of the Temple at the time of Solomon and Zerubbabel was landed.


Tourist - USA

"A fantastic experience. Seeing the holy places is very emotional and of great impact. People are extremely nice and friendly. It is an emotive experience, a unique moment wherever we visit."

One of the most visited places is St Peter’s Church in Jaffa, built between 1888 and 1894 on medieval ruins.

Superior, St Peter’s Church
"We have many Chinese and Indonesian pilgrims. The majority comes from these two countries, in addition to Americans, English and Europeans. And of course, many Brazilians and South Americans".

Many Bible narratives from the Old and New Testaments are attributed to this place, one of which can be found in the Acts of the Apostles. In Simon the Tanner's house, Peter had the vision of the animals wrapped in a sheet lowered from the sky. According to tradition, the city still protects this house and the vision was represented in the picture that can be admired in St Peter’s Church.


Pilgrim - Poland

"This is my first time in the Holy Land and I must admit on behalf of all the participants of the group that it was a great experience because everyone was able to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, firmly believing that all the events of our salvation took place here.   Even if we begin on this earth, we are all heading towards the same end, the sky: we know what our destination is."

Walking through the charming streets of Jaffa's Old Town takes you on a journey back in time, and you can also enjoy a breathtaking view. Favourable elements to enjoy the summer and at the same time contemplate God's creation.