07 September 2017

The Holy Places: stages for the Music Festival that promotes unity

Between August 25 and September 1, the locals and tourists of the Holy Land had the opportunity to attend a series of 7 musical concerts: 6 in the Old City of Jerusalem and 1 in Jericho.

Actuality and events

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“Sounding Jerusalem”. It is the name of the music festival that in the past few days has enchanted the inhabitants and pilgrims of the Holy Land.

Director of the “Sounding Jerusalem” Music Festival
"It is an honor, it is special to be here in Jerusalem playing incredible music in such an inspiring place."

The concerts were performed by renowned artists from various parts of the world such as Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Australia, Italy, United States, Israel and Palestine!

"Here, in Jerusalem, there are numerous cultures and there are also tensions between the different cultures, religions, and ethnic groups. It is a pleasure to see that there can be unity and harmony, if not in every opinion, at least in the appreciation of music and art ... this is what we can offer to our audience.”

The symbolic places of the Old City of Jerusalem became incredible stages on which, immersed in music, the artists and the numerous audiences had the opportunity to enjoy a unique atmosphere!

The students of the Magnificat Institute, the Music School of the Custody of the Holy Land, took part in several workshops with the musicians and later performed in the Festival!

In addition, the purpose of the "Sounding Jerusalem" project, whose theme (in this edition) deals with the "possibilities", is perfectly framed in what the Franciscans of the Holy Land believe.

Father ALBERTO PARI, ofm
Director - Magnificat Institute - Jerusalem
"Music, as we all know, is a powerful, very powerful tool to create dialogue and open up possibilities. We, as Franciscans, especially in the Custody, firmly believe this.”

Director of the “Sounding Jerusalem” Music Festival
"It is a place where many people have strong opinions and beliefs inherited from their ancestors about religion, culture, and social values. If, on the one hand, there is firmness, there is humanity on the other hand. If you can create barriers, you can also create the choices of 'possibilities'.”

The last concert was not held in Jerusalem, but in Jericho, 35 kilometers from the Holy City.

The show is held on Mount of Temptations!

In a patient and silent waiting atmosphere, authentic musical dramaturgy.

At sunrise, applause and emotion! Every note and instrument accompanied the awesome victory of light over the darkness of the night!