29 November 2017

Tsad Kadima: "The man beyond the disability"

This association has worked for 30 years in Israel to develop the motivation and independence of children and adults with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities.

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Tsad Kadima, in Hebrew means “steps forward”. But it is also the name of an association founded 30 years ago by a group of parents of children affected by cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities.

It all started from the vision of the BBC “Standing Up for Joe” documentary, which tells the story of Joseph Horsley, a 5 year old disabled child, and the incredible medical advances obtained through an experimental method.

General Director - Tsad Kadima
“We started thirty years ago as a small organization of parents who decided to bring to Israel the conductive education method that was originary from Budapest, Hungary. We started with a small group of relatives and young people and we launched new programs over the years.”

Today, the association is the only one in Israel practicing the conductive education method, founded by Dr. András Pető in the 1940s. There are 7 centers that work every day with more than 300 children of 6 months of age and older, and with their families. Among the services offered, there are kindergartens, special schools, daytime centers and adult programs. There are two offices in Jerusalem for people over 21 years of age.

General Director - Tsad Kadima
"Participants come here from 7am until the afternoon, every day, for physiotherapy, computer work, education, and to learn to be independent. This is the only place they visit, when they are not home.”

One of the latest projects launched is the production of Beer Craft, an initiative that was presented to the city at the end of October with a beer tasting held at the Sira pub and aimed at teaching a profession that may eventually lead to financial autonomy.

Work Therapist
"The project has two goals for the young adults involved: to encourage them to achieve something meaningful and interesting and to enable them to join and participate in the community life. We started 6 months ago by teaching volunteers and employees the various steps and we continued working, moving from theory to practice.”

Tsad Kadima is not just about accompanying or treating the participants (or guests), but about teaching them to become independent.

General Director - Tsad Kadima
"Tsad Kadima's vision is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. The peculiarity of the conductive education we imported from Hungary is the development of motivation and independence in the way people think and behave. We try to see the person beyond the disability.”