04 December 2017

Week of Healing in Nazareth

From November 26 to December 1, in Nazareth, the Week of Healing was held with different activities that were open to the public: visits to schools, conferences, spirituality and prayer meetings.

Actuality and events

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From November 26 to December 1, at Nazareth, the Week of Healing was held with various activities tha were open to the public: visits to schools, mobile clinics in the town square, conferences, spirituality and prayer meetings for health professionals.

Director – EMMS Nazareth Hospital
"The Week of Healing was a week of physical and spiritual care. It was the first time that this organization promoted such an event, which was dedicated not only to people and society, but also to health workers who work here.”

The initiative was promoted by the Nazareth Trust, an organization of Scottish origin that has been operating in this city since 1861, when the first missionary doctor arrived. The current English Hospital currently has about 140 beds and over 400 employees. Approximately 50,000 emergency patients receive treatment here, yearly.

Executive Director - Nazareth Trust
"Nazareth Trust is a Christian organization and as Christians we believe that Jesus is our healer. We run the hospital and we treat the sick, but we want to do it not only through medical care, offering better resources and the best doctors, but also through prayer meetings for spiritual and emotional healing. as well as physical healing.”

The different activities involved hospital health workers, nursing school students as well as the city residents. A notable contribution was given by a group of Scottish pastoral assistants who came for the occasion.

Spiritual Director - Nazareth Trust
"I believe that the most important thing we accomplished this week was the way we combined spiritual and clinical care, because we are beings who belong to both the spiritual and the physical dimension."

At the end of the week, during a moment of reflection in a prayer meeting, some people were able to share what they learned from the different activities.

Greek-Melchite Catholic Archbishop of Acre and Haifa
"The human being is made of both body and spirit. Despite this unity, these dimensions are sometimes kept separate. A healthy spirit will straighten our whole life and will (positively) influence our relationships with others. In this hospital, our mission is to inspire the staff to be men and women after Christ's own heart, so they are able to work with a spirit of service and love.”