03 August 2017

Young people from the Holy Land took part in the Franciscan March

For an entire week, eighty young people from the Holy Land participated in the Franciscan March. The journey ended at Mount Tabor on August 2, the day when the Church celebrates 'The pardon of Assisi'.

Actuality and events

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A seven day walking journey through the places that Christ visited two thousand years ago.

A challenge accepted by more than eighty young Christians from the Holy Land, who have anxiously been waiting for this moment!

It is the Franciscan March, an event that has already reached its 27th edition.

It is true that things have been difficult, but the greater the obstacle, the sweeter the victory!

Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Dorothea, daughters of the Sacred Hearts
"This is my sixth time taking part in the march ...the weather was one of the disadvantages encountered in this event, but they committed themselves to this journey and they were very happy to be part of it, therefore they overcame this difficulty.”

During these events, only a limited use of the cell phone is allowed, so no detail goes unnoticed. It is a special time to live and to share with those around us the experience of the encounter with Jesus himself.

"I normally could not live without my cellphone ... The first days were difficult, but then I realized that technology could get us away from Jesus. I was able to spend more time with Jesus and with the people next to me!"

Despite the heat, these people here are thirsty for God.

Focolare Movement
"It is a joy to see these beautiful young people and their desire to establish a special relationship with God ... this is the reason why many of them came here!”

Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Dorothea, daughters of the Sacred Hearts
"In all these marches we see the commitment of the youth, their will and their desire to change, their enthusiasm to meet each other in the faith and to meet with the Lord."

The march began in Cana, Galilee, just where Jesus transformed water into wine. Later, they walked through several cities, including Nazareth, where they lived the unique experience of praying in the place where Mary said yes to God and became the Savior's Mother.

We are almost at the end of the journey. The steep path makes the final stop more exciting ... the marchers finally arrive at Mount Tabor, the Holy Mountain where the Transfiguration of Jesus took place.

It is time to celebrate!

"This morning we woke up at 3:00 and we started walking at 4:00. We walked six hours! It was a unique experience! "

Mission accomplished ! Or almost accomplished.....

For the youth, everything, even lunch time, becomes a celebration ...

In this land that suffers so much for different reasons and where Christianity is a minority, these young people are a sign of hope for the future.

Father EMAD KAMEL, ofm
Animator of Youth Ministry for the Holy Land
"As St. John Paul II said, young people are the future of any society and of any family: these young people are the future of the Holy Land. We tried to make them understand that the treasure of faith they bring into their hearts is a very big responsibility because we face so many challenges here. Lack of peace and uncertainty push many of them elsewhere ... We encourage them to live their faith, even though they are few, because we know that yeast, even if in small quantities, makes miracles: it makes the dough rise.”

The march officially ends on the day of 'The Pardon of Assisi', with a mass celebrated by the Custos of the Holy Land, Father Francesco Patton.

Now, like Jesus, these young people will come down from the mountain, they will return to their own reality, in the certainty that the journey continues and that, in spite of everything, they are not alone!