01 August 2018

"Merchants Market": the most popular place in Nablus

The "Merchants Market" is considered one of the busiest places in the Old Town of Nablus. A maze of streets where people have been shopping for centuries  

Archaeology, Culture, and other Religions

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Nablus, mentioned by explorers and historians, was known by different names, one of which was " Mount of Fire ". It is also mentioned in the book of Genesis: "After Jacob had come from Paddan-aram, he arrived safely at the city of Shechem in the land of Canaan, and he camped just outside the city." (Genesis 33:18). 

Located between the Gerizim and Ebal Mountains, during the day it is a crossroads of traders and buyers, who blend in with the hustle and bustle of the city.
This market, built in the sixteenth century, is one of the most important in the city. According to experts, it resembles the Al Hamidiyah Souq in Damascus, characterised by its famous Ottoman architectural style. However, its most characteristic features have now almost completely disappeared amidst the display of goods of all kinds.

"The "merchants market" is known under different names. It was originally known as the "Textile Market" because it was built on 40 shops, 20 per side, in order to market the local fabric.
It is believed to have been built by Mustafa Lala Pasha, an Ottoman prince, and the history of the market dates back over 200 years ". 
A market characterized by its conical vaults which lower on the walls in the form of synchronized arches, with intermediate openings from which light enters. A round dome can be seen in the middle of the market; its colours blend in with the light, giving the place a special charm.

"If it weren't for its strong structure and architectural style, this market wouldn't have resisted all these years. It would not have remained standing after the earthquakes that struck the city of Nablus, in particular that of 1927.”
In the last four centuries it has been subjected several times to maintenance interventions, the last of which in 1987, in addition to regular maintenance carried out by the Municipality.
In the boulevard in the centre of the old town, the walls and engravings recall a glorious past. This ancient place, confectionery industry since 1860, became an important center for the sale of products. Understanding the history of ancestors through the stories of new generations
Pastry owner
"We have a testimony of the Ottoman state which states that Ahmed Ayesh, one of our ancestors, was the head of the pastry industry, having created new sweets within his production line".