09 November 2017

Home of Peace: hope for the needy children in the Holy Land

The Home of Peace, a name that represents a program and a special journey for those who visit this site, is located at the Mount of Olives, a place visited by Jesus often.

Christians in the Holy Land

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Facing a magnificent view of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Home of Peace is a real home where the 'Sisters of St. Elizabeth' take care of children and of pre-teenagers who, for reasons of abandonment and poverty, needed hospitality.

Here they form a large family where differences do not represent barriers.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth - Jerusalem
"We started as a Muslim/Arabian home, but now we are also welcoming children from Ethiopia, from Eritrea and from Russia. We just take care of them! It is like a normal home, where they live, they study, they play, and they pray with us.”

Experiencing unity in this land is very special.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth - Jerusalem
"This mission here in the Holy Land is special because this is not any place. Many children here have struggled for a long time. It is not easy for them to have a normal life. We are here to show them that life can be beautiful and peaceful and that we can live together though we are different; we can live in peace and love each other.”

All you need is to be part of the daily life of these children in their classroom for a little while to certainly find joy and love here.

Rather than helping the children, the nuns testify that they are the ones learning from the little ones and that the experience of living with them has taught them about happiness and has inspired them to smile before the difficulties of life.

Study time is important as well: in the morning, the children attend regular classes and in the afternoon they do their homework together, helping one another!

There is also prayer time before the Blessed Sacrament: the children sing, pray and enhance the lives of whomever passes by!

Volunteer - Poland
"I am here to offer some of my time to others. The opportunity to spend time with these kids, to play with them, to help them in their homework and to assist the nuns, witnessing their smile which transmit so much joy, is a unique experience for me!”

It is a story that began fifty years ago.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth - Jerusalem
"When the nuns arrived here, in the Holy Land, they began working with the pilgrims. They founded a home for pilgrims. However, after the Six Day War, they realized that there were many children who became orphans and needed help, so a nun had the idea of helping them: this project started fifty years ago. They raised money and built this house and we are here now, working and trying to help the needy children.”

The outcome is before our own eyes!