04 July 2018

A new centre for the elderly in Bethlehem

A new centre for the elderly in Bethlehem was inaugurated at the Catholic Action Center thanks to the support of the Presidential Committee for Church Affairs in Palestine.

Christians in the Holy Land

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A new centre for the elderly was inaugurated at the Catholic Action Center in Bethlehem. The head of the Presidential Committee for Church Affairs in Palestine who supported this project, Dr Hanna Amireh, attended the gathering together with the treasurer of the Custody of the Holy Land, Fr Ramzi Sidawi, as well as Fr Rami Assakerieh of the Latin parish and some parishioners.
Head of the Presidential Committee for Ecclesiastical Affairs in Palestine
"The Presidential Committee supports a number of projects, including this one. In particular, this hall has a communitarian and vital value, which helps to strengthen the Christian presence in Palestine."
Immediately after the inauguration, prayers were recited and the space was blessed.

Latin Parish of Bethlehem
Today we find ourselves in the restored hall for the elderly who gather here every day; it is almost like a second home for them, where they spend a lot of time together and enjoy a range of activities. Therefore it is a very important place for our elderly, parents and grandparents.

The center was founded in the 50s and serves the area of ​​Bethlehem, offering activities that involve groups of all ages.

Dean, Catholic Action Center - Bethlehem
We can say that people from the Bethlehem area gather at the centre for different activities and purposes. We are proud to be part of it and we hope that more and more people will come to the center in order to start more and more activities, thus bringing the word of God to this institute.