19 June 2018

Adel Nasser: When Arabic calligraphy becomes a work of art

Adel Nasser has a special ability to create authentic works of art using Arabic calligraphy. We went to learn more about his work.

Christians in the Holy Land

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The Arabic calligraphic art is the technique of writing in a codified and aesthetically unique way using the letters of the Arabic alphabet. And in Bethlehem Adel Nasser, 80, is a true master. Since his childhood he has been able to use Arabic calligraphy to transform it into art. Even today he continues his work by reproducing religious verses inspired by the sacred books.

"Arabic calligraphy is among the most beautiful in the world because it represents both beauty and art. Each letter becomes a drawing. As a Christian, I like to write: "Oh Lord ..God of Charity .. my shepherd ". As for the Koranic verses, I like the incipit: "In the name of God, the Merciful"

There are various Arabic calligraphic styles. Adel was able to use this diversity in Arabic calligraphy by producing unique designs which can be used for decorative purposes in homes and offices.

"I draw the different Arabic letters directly using gel on fabric, because this way it can last forever"

An artist who has made his home both into a laboratory and a museum to collect all his works. Expressed on paper, glass and even icons, Arabic calligraphy in his hands becomes a unique piece.