07 November 2017

Bethlehem, a city to be discovered

Among the alleys of the city of the Savior, there is a world to discover. This is the objective of the guide "Bethlehem. The Historic Center & Bethlehemites in Jerusalem."

Christians in the Holy Land

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Ghadeer, a Christian woman from Bethlehem, believes that Bethlehem is worth to be discovered.
In fact, the city was largely Christian until 1947; today, (however), less than 40% of its 30,000 inhabitants are Christians.
For this reason, a simple and small guide has been created to keep the city's cultural, social and religious heritage alive. It is like a trip to the past.

“We take tourists through 3 different routes within the historic center of Bethlehem to show them the cultural and historical aspects of the city.”

A mix of traditions. In Bethlehem you have to dive in, get lost in the various 'hosh' among endless climbs and descents, between houses and hidden courtyards, to find out that the legacy of the Ottoman era and that little world are still palpitating.
“This "Heritage Route" begins in the Tarajeh district and crosses the 7th districts of Bethlehem, which are named after the 7 different clans that inhabited the old town, and which, in turn, reflect cultural points of view, as well as architectural styles and even different customs.
The "Pilgrimage Route" leads through the UNESCO's heritage sites to the Basilica of the Nativity. The cultural itinerary discovers Bethlehem through the institutions, through the NGOs and through the associations of the old city. Finally, the last tour of the "Bethlehemites in Jerusalem" illustrates the several properties that Bethlehem residents who emigrated abroad (diaspora) bought with their savings in the new quarter of the city of Jerusalem.”

A lively and fascinating atmosphere pervades the old town: there, it is also easy to find small shops where tradition, combined with flavors and colors, manages to survive.

"This family came from Colombia: they imported coffee and the idea of the coffee grinder. It was the first family to import coffee in the area of Bethlehem. "

A special guide. The description of the itineraries as well as its illustrations and suggestions give readers and travelers an opportunity to visit (and admire) the city of the Savior with the eyes of its inhabitants.

"This is an important guide because it invites, on the one hand, to visit the historic center and to get to know the local people living in Bethlehem, and on the other hand, is aimed at remodeling the old town. I believe that, through this transformation, we will be able to protect and preserve what remains of the traditional heritage of Bethlehem.”