22 November 2017

Palestinian daily life carved in the artwork of Khalil Sa'adeh

Khalil Sa'adeh is a sculptor in Bethlehem who works with wood, bronze and stone. He inherited this profession from his father and, to this day, he has continued to develop it.

Christians in the Holy Land

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In his small workshop in Bethlehem, Khalil Sa'adeh transforms blocks of olive, bronze and stone, often found in villages, in sculptures inspired by Palestinian traditions and by the Palestinian daily life.

Sculptor from Bethlehem
"I dropped out of school and followed my father in the art of the engraving and the carpentry trade: this is how everything started. I incorporate everything I see into my work, whether it is a landscape, a scene of everyday life or just an event.

Khalil chose to make sculpture a trade, not just for passion, but because this is a way to continue to express his creativity. Although it may sometimes take several months to complete a single work, he does not give up on his passion [and he continues to work with] precision and patience.

Sculptor from Bethlehem
"Nations are measured on the basis of their civilization through art, music, sculptures or paintings. The qualities required by this profession are not only valid for artists, but also for fathers, professors, engineers and for all those who want to master their work and sacrifice their time. I have many ideas, which I will put into practice, as long as I am physically able and I will leave a significant legacy to future generations. Meanwhile, I will not stop; I will keep going. "

And future generations will be admiring not only beautiful sculptures, but also works that express the soul of a people and reflect their expressions and connotations.