13 December 2017

Santa Claus settles in Jerusalem

In December 2017, the first Santa Claus House of the Holy Land opened: chocolates, toys, a nativity set and Christmas songs bring a smile to the children of the city.

Christians in the Holy Land

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A new little enchanted kingdom has been pulsating in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, since the beginning of December. Santa Claus has settled in, right here, to the "Ho Ho Holy Land" motto.

Santa Claus
"Ten years ago, I wore the red suit for the first time, on my way to Jaffa Gate, to hand out Christmas trees. I noticed that, while I was impersonating Santa, everyone was happier; I said to myself:
I love making the people and the children of Jerusalem happy! "

Several Christmas have passed, until last year Issa decided to fly to Denver, United States, where he took a course, along with other aspiring Santa Clauses from all over the world. At the end of the course, Issa obtained an official diploma as well as the urge to start something new in the land that holds the beginning of Christmas par excellence.

Santa Claus
"That is when I decided to open Santa's House in Jerusalem, ten years later. I think it is a beautiful and new experience for people. We have never had something like this before: this is Santa's first home in the Holy Land, right in the old city of Jerusalem.”

The house welcomes children and youngsters from the surrounding schools every morning and families and curious people, attracted by the decorations and music, in the afternoons.
There is a section dedicated to Christmas cookies, a toy workshop, a nativity set (to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas) and even a post where you can receive your good behavior certificate for the current year.

Serenity is not exactly what the Holy Land represented during the year 2017. The Santa Claus House is therefore a small drop, which helps to give a smile to the children of this land.

Santa Claus
"This is my purpose, my true purpose: to bring a little serenity to the children and the families of the Holy Land. I receive 25-30 messages every day telling me about the kids' feelings and their reactions; messages like: It is truly an honor for me. It makes me happy to see every child in the Holy Land smile.”