31 January 2018

"Seeds of a better life": a gift for the elderly

Sixteen women from the Old City of Jerusalem visit the "Seeds of a Better Life" on a daily basis, to attend the different events and activities that the center offers.

Christians in the Holy Land

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The heart of the old city of Jerusalem is pulsating again:
Thanks to the will of a group of women, the "Seeds of a better life" center, which for some time was closed, has reopened its doors, and is now creating and organizing cultural, artistic and religious activities and events.

“Seeds of a better life” Center
"I encouraged women to come here because the center should not remain empty and unused. We came here to meet each other and to spend part of the day praying, and getting to know each other"

This idea was created almost a year ago, with a noble purpose: to bring older people out of their solitude and give them joy, in a special atmosphere, in the company of other people. In fact, thanks to their culinary skills, the women of the center decided to prepare and bring approximately 50 meals a day to the most needy elderly in the old city.

“Seeds of a better life” Center
"Our activities are aimed at the elderly who can not leave their homes: we help them, by cooking and providing them with meals and also by offering different events that take place at the center.”

“Seeds of a better life” Center
"My goal is to help people but also to improve my skills, to occupy my time and also to have fun.The women around us are so happy.”

“Seeds of a better life” Center
"We help the needy and the elderly. I [love] using my spare time to be of help, especially because I suffered from an illness, which changed me: thanks to the activities in this center, I was able to manage to overcome the difficulties of my illness.
I am doing an act of charity by giving my heart to help people find joy. I love to see the smile on their faces, I especially love seeing the elderly happy. The Lord saved me from my illness so I can help other people.”

This initiative was created quietly, but thanks to the ambition of these women, it has become a real mission. These women in fact say that they are inspired by the desire to work, by perseverance, by mutual encouragement, by love and hope.