20 June 2018

The contribution of Christian schools to Arab growth in the High Tech sector

The Israeli economy receives a large contribution from high-tech companies. The presence of the Arab minority in this sector grows thanks to the contribution of the Christian schools.

Christians in the Holy Land

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Israel is often remembered for the holy places and for its great religious and historical importance. But this small country is also rich in other ways. Among them is great scientific and technological progress.
According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2016, Israel invests 4.25% of the Gross Domestic Product in Research and Development - taking first place in the ranking.

Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research - Haifa
"We were very poor. We had a per capita gross domestic product of 1500 dollars a year. After 70 years, we have become a rich country and we have reached 35,000 dollars per person. Until recently we had neither gold nor natural resources. We owe this exponential growth to great intellectual effort, above all thanks to the research that has attracted high-tech firms, innovation and creativity. 40% of our growth and half of our exports come from a very dynamic high- tech sector. Though this is achieved using only 8% of the workforce, it produces half of our exports. It is crucial for us. "

Arabs are a minority in Israel, and among these Christians are a small part. Despite this, their contribution to Israeli technological development is growing.

Samuel Neaman, Institute for National Policy Research - Haifa
"Of all software programmers in Israel, 3.5% are Israeli Arabs. Less than ten years ago it was only 0.5%. There is a flourishing among Arabs in High Tech. Among the hubs, Nazareth is a point of reference for its Startups: there are more than 50 and represent a catchment area for new companies to look for personnel in this sector. "

An important contribution to this growing development is offered by Christian schools.

Headmaster of the High Schools of the Sisters of Nazareth, in Haifa
"Eighty percent of young Arabs working in the field of high technology, according to statistics, have studied in Christian schools."

Department of Mathematics - Technion - Haifa
"The Church renders an enormous service to all Arab society, not just to Christians. We can say that all Christian schools offer a curriculum for scientific and technological learning which allows students to choose studies or professions in the fields of science and engineering, which form the basis for their future. "

The over 40 Christian schools in Israel welcome more than 33,000 students. In addition to specialized scientific and technological curricula, education offers values and ethics.

Headmaster of the High Schools of the Sisters of Nazareth, in Haifa
"In this school, we give priority to the integral formation of every person. We not only offer the opportunity to study at a high quality level in scientific terms. We do not leave aside the spiritual, ethical and human formation of students. We are convinced that values are important and we educate students to become mature people, with a holistic background in addition to scientific knowledge. "

The contribution of the Christian community in Israel in the High Tech sector, albeit small, is significant and can still grow.

Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research - Haifa
"When you are a minority, and in the case of Christians here, a minority in the minority, you are faced with challenges, and you have to win it all to succeed. We Jews, as long as we did not have a state of ours, have always been a minority and have had to put all our effort into it and make the most of our ingenuity. I think these were the foundations of our creativity and our progress in Israel, and I now see this same commitment in the local Arab community. "