11 April 2018

Unity in the Resurrection: Best wishes to the Orthodox Church.

Traditional exchange of greetings on the occasion of the Orthodox Easter. A sign of unity in the Resurrection.


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Once again this year, exchanges of Easter good wishes took place between the Latin and Orthodox Churches in Jerusalem, members of various denominations gathering joyfully at the Orthodox Patriarchate.

Vicariate of the Custody of the Holy Land
“This was a genuine experience of respect, fraternity and common scholarship, and it represents a centuries-old tradition which we welcome because it remains, to this day, a precious sign of unity and brotherhood.”

There were two principal expressions, the first involving the friars of the Custody of the Holy Land, and the second comprising representatives of Churches, established in the area, in the persons of the Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate, Bishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa and delegates from Syrian, Coptic and Ethiopian Churches.

Archbishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Jerusalem and its eastern vicinity.
“It is an annual tradition on each occasion. We meet, first, at the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, and follow this with reciprocal visits, exchanging best wishes. Sharing the joys of these festive days indicates our unity with other confessions, bringing us closer to each other and fostering the unity which Jesus asked of his disciples.”

His Beatitude THEOFILO III
Greek Orthodox Oatriarch of Jerusalem

“The custom of exchanging greetings on this occasion is important in that, as Christians, we need to overcome our prejudices as well as our divisions.

His Beatitude THEOFILO III
Greek Orthodox Oatriarch of Jerusalem
This, thanks be to God, is a contribution to the process of unity, and a sharing of the Eucharist at the same table.

Representatives greeted each other in speeches focussed on fraternal unity and peace, sentiments inspired by these days which acclaim that Christ is risen indeed.