03 July 2018

Two priests and twelve deacons of the Custody ordained in Nazareth

Two priests and twelve deacons of the Custody of the Holy Land were ordained in Nazareth in the Basilica of the Annunciation on June 30.


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June 30 was a morning of great joy and amazement in Nazareth, for the ordination of 14 friars of the Custody of the Holy Land.
The annual event traditionally took place in Jerusalem, on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, but this year the celebration moved to Galilee.
Custos of the Holy Land
"One of the ordinands, Br Ayman Bathish, is from Nazareth, therefore we thought that this year having the ordinations in the house of Mary could have been a beautiful and meaningful thing. She welcomed the Word that became flesh, and St Francis underlined the connection between the mystery of the Incarnation and the mystery of the Eucharist. He said that as the Word of the Father descended into the womb of Mary, so every day He descends on the altar into the hands of the priest to be a gift for all the faithful."
The liturgy recalled the important events in the history of salvation that took place in Nazareth.

Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
"How will this happen? How can this happen? This is the great question that runs throughout the Bible and throughout our history, the history of man. Within this question there are the sense and the tension that animate life and make it beautiful and worth living: the consciousness of being called to something more, something beyond, which we cannot reach on our own and that can only be given to us. At the beginning of every salvation event, there is always this question and a work that is not ours and comes from Someone else.

A rite through which twelve friars were ordained deacons and two other priests was celebrated during the Eucharistic liturgy. A special bond among the ordinands with God and the Church, underlined by unique gestures, rich in meaning.

New Priest
"My vocation has always been guided and taken care of by Our Lady. Even this wonderful gift of the priesthood, receiving it here, in Her home, where She said Her "yes" to Jesus. I wanted to consecrate my life too, and say a yes forever. It was very special for me!”

New Deacon
"You saw that we came from all over the world. We have come to Nazareth to join the yes of Mary. Mary who said: "Here I am! Thy will be done." We too, each in his own language, said: "Here I am!" - to express this gift, so that His will be done".

The young friars made the decision with joy, followed by the prayer of all the faithful of the Church of the Holy Land.
Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
"We especially ask for our brothers to allow themselves to be transformed by the presence of Christ in them, to carry everywhere not only themselves but the feelings, thoughts, body and blood of Christ. We can ask for it with strength and trust because nothing is impossible for God.”