01 March 2018

"Why are you crying?" Is what we should ask Christ today

On the Mount of Olives, the small church that bears the name of Dominus Flevit, hosted the first station of the Lenten liturgical pilgrimage.


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The small church “Dominus Flevit”, from the Latin "The Lord cried", marks the place where Jesus shed his tears for Jerusalem.

Fr. Luigi Maria Epicoco
Pontifical Lateran University
"We are here at the Dominus Flevit, which is a significant place, especially because it is the place where Jesus sees for the first time, before the Passion, the extraordinary landscape of the city of Jerusalem and breaks out in a weeping that leaves [us] speechless. It is the cry of disappointment for a city that has remained closed, and this closure represents our hearts."

Superior of the Dominus Flevit Monastery
"He said: . This is why so many have stood against Jesus and this is why He came here to weep, because they did not welcome him. He said:

The Liturgical Pilgrimage began here. The Franciscans, together with local Christians and pilgrims, traveled through the Holy Places linked to the Passion of Christ.

Fr. Luigi Maria Epicoco
Pontifical Lateran University
"Before the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus already had the premonition that what was about to happen in Jerusalem was exactly His end; actually, He knew very well that the end was near, as he had already announced it to His disciples. He had the courage to begin all the events that would inexorably lead him toward His death and therefore also toward His resurrection.”

This tradition has existed for centuries in Jerusalem and is perpetuated in the name of the Church of the whole world!

Every year a preacher is chosen to conduct the reflections of this event. This year, Fr. Luigi Maria Epicoco, was the priest chosen for this mission.

His homily was an invitation to look at the biblical passage that narrates the episode of the weeping of Jesus as a fact linked to the present time. He invited everyone to let themselves be deeply touched by the Word and to ask the Lord: "Why are you crying?”

And what makes Jesus suffer in our days?

Fr. Luigi Maria Epicoco
Pontifical Lateran University
“What we see around us and what we learn from the news from the Middle East and from the entire world is social injustice; we see the pain of the innocent, we see things going wrong, but we must remember that Jesus came to the world to save us, to face this contradictory logic of a freedom that can destroy, instead of being an opportunity for salvation."

Economist of the Custody of the Holy Land
"It is true that, in these times, we only hear news of wars and wickedness, but good exists alongside us and in our midst. We need to open our eyes and see it. Through these blessings, Jesus is calling us.”