21 February 2018

"Entering the set of your favorite movie": pilgrims in the Holy Land

Over 100 Italian pilgrims traveled to the Holy Land: the journey was organized by 'Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi'. Walking on the traces of Jesus, between history and present.


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Pilgrim – Diocese of Ozieri
"Being a pilgrim in the Holy Land is like entering the set of your favorite movie.”

“A scene that was set up for the first time 2000 years ago, but that continues to return to the halls of our lives every day”: this is how Alessandra describes her experience in the places of the Gospel, a few minutes before entering the Grotto of the Manger in Bethlehem.

Pilgrim – Diocese of Ozieri
"It is nice to hear about it during mass, throughout the year. However, reliving the experience in the biblical places is a unique, indescribable feeling. The only way to perceive this feeling is by coming to these places.”

With her, another 105 people from Sardinia (Italy), driven by a special desire and by hope, participated in the journey to the Holy Land organized by 'Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi'.

Diocese of Ozieri - Sardinia - Italy
"We came here to the Holy Land, because we desired to renew our faith on the basis on the apostles' faith: they conveyed it to us. We also chose to follow the paths of the apostles, of Jesus and Mary. The actual journey of walking through this land is very important to strengthen our faith as well as all the other virtues that we must possess beyond faith.”

The group of pilgrims bowed their heads to enter through the Door of Humility in the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem: then they all knelt down in the Grotto of the Manger and touched the places where Jesus lived.

Pilgrim – Diocese of Ozieri
“The emotion here is intense because here in Bethlehem, the story began. A child was born, a child who saved the world and who continues to save it every day.”

Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi
"In these places, the word of the gospel still resounds! The gospel speaks to us in a very special way: listening to the Word of the Lord in this land means 'seeing' the Gospel. This intense and great experience remains in the hearts of all Christians who have visited the Holy Land.”

Pilgrims, whose record-breaking number has increased in the past few months, have the opportunity to learn about the historicity of the Gospels. This is also the right time to remember the places of revelation: we are able, in this way, to also experience contemporaneity.

Pilgrim – Diocese of Ozieri
"This pilgrimage has immensely enriched my soul, but my heart will mostly remember Jesus whom we continue to crucify every day and who every day continues to be reborn in our hearts."

Pilgrim – Diocese of Ozieri
"We brought here all the problems and sufferings that overwhelm our hearts, we brought here the weight of our entire life, our story of being mothers. I am here with my family, with my baby. We came for deliverance, we want to leave with a lighter heart and bring this experience to our country, to our daily life.”

So, a simple prayer learned from grandmother, who has been a catechist for 60 years and who passed a few months ago, becomes dialogue.

"Jesus, make me as good as you are.”