04 August 2017

USA-Holy Land: re-discovering their roots

A group of 28 young American pilgrims visited the Holy Land. This was an opportunity to meet the peoples who live there, broaden their horizons and strengthen their faith.


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They traveled thousands of miles, they are between the ages of 17 and 19 and they hold US passports. They represent one of the groups of pilgrims that have unceasingly enlivened the streets of the Holy Land. They came here to intimately learn about the reality of the conflict that for years has shaken the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, to examine Bible texts and to thus rediscover their own roots .

Guide - Royal Servants
"The goal of this project is mainly to give a solid foundation to their faith, to teach them about a different culture, to share stories and learn about history and current events through these experiences."

The 28 participants, young people from different Christian denominations, attended a three-week training course in June, before arriving in Jerusalem at the end of July for a three-week journey.
Guide - Royal Servants
"We visited several biblical sites. We also met Jews, Palestinians, Christians and Muslims to understand everyone's perspective and learn about this land through the people who live here.”

A visit to Galilee, meetings with Lutheran ministers, a visit to the Aida refugee camp in the heart of Bethlehem: there are so many opportunities to widen your horizon and your perspective.

North Carolina – USA
"I decided to come to Israel with this group because I wanted to deepen my faith and see the contents of the Bible become real. I also think that it is really interesting to learn something about the Jewish and Muslim culture and to observe the different religions interacting with each other.”

California USA
"It is simply amazing to visit places with such a [rich] history ... to come into contact with places that are more than two thousand years old, to see where Jesus lived and where so many people throughout different time periods lived...”

Minnesota – USA
“It is super fascinating. It is far more than I expected to find, from different points of view. There is so much to learn and so much that I thought I knew …”